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Energize the world of insurance brokers with a pop, colorful yet didactic identity.

About the project
Astrolabe is an insurance brokerage firm whose aim is to offer customers the best insurance solutions for their projects. In a generally opaque business environment, Astrolabe aims to stand out from the crowd by emphasizing a human, caring and attentive approach to projects.

Behind the branding I've come up with, there's the desire to adopt a real "Astrolabe tone". Astrolabe's color palette is strong and assertive, with acid green and electric blue in a style designed for digital. The company wants to strengthen its presence on LinkedIn and adopts a visual language to do so.



The logotype is the brand's initial, stylized as an astrolabe (a navigational instrument used to find one's way around the starry sky in the days of the great explorers).

I've created a set of 40 pictograms representing Astrolabe's different domains, so you can tell at a glance what a post is about.


Art direction by Bastien Giot

Creative direction by Julien Tuil & Thomas Reig 

Un  projet ? Une envie ? Une question ?


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Je suis un designer graphique basé à Paris, spécialisé dans les identités de marque fortes et colorées. Travaillons ensemble sur des projets qui en valent la peine.

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