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French presidential elections. An identity under the sign of hope.

About this project
January 2022, the French Left is scattered and no candidate stands out. Faced with a popular movement to nominate a candidate, Christiane Taubira, former Minister of Justice, decided to run in the hope of bringing together the progressive, ecological and socialist camp.

This project is a rather unusual one. It began with a provocative tweet from me on Twitter and ended with me designing the visual identity of a candidate in France's most important election. Although Taubira's campaign wasn't a success in the end, I'm still proud of the visual identity I came up with, which I think stood out on a French scale. This case study is a little longer than usual for that reason.


On behalf of the union.

A presidential campaign that breaks with traditional codes and creates a unique tone, with references to progressive movements around the world and to 50 years of social and civil rights movements.

An identity that embraces its difference. It wants to speak to different audiences, to those who don't feel involved in the political debate. A branding that is not austere and that conveys the candidate's optimism. And all without sacrificing the seriousness of the project.



At the beginning of 2022, two weeks before the announcement of the candidacy, I was contacted by the team of the former Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, to take part in the reflection on the visual identity of her campaign.

After various proposals from different designers, the visual identity I proposed was chosen to represent the candidate during her presidential campaign.

I did as much research as possible into the candidate, her history, her project as presented to me by her team and more general research into trends in visual language in politics.

Photographer : Stéphane Guiochon / Le Progrès



  1. The visual identity of the pre-campaign (Christiane Taubira's candidacy is motivated by the actions of a "Taubira for 2022" support committee made up of over 100,000 members) which used a rising sun as a symbol of the hope they placed in a potential Taubira candidacy.
  2. Christiane Taubira's personality. Adulated by some, criticised by others, respected by most. The former Minister of Justice is a colourful personality, a true political rocker. At once inflexible when it comes to her issues, but also a sunny, smiling, benevolent personality.
  3. To progressive movements (these movements regularly use yellow and purple). We're thinking of Kamala Harris's unsuccessful candidacy in 2020, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the United States and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour campaign in 2019 in Great Britain.
  4. Retro. With inspirations from past candidacies that now have a "reassuring" aspect, from simpler times. The Mittérand Generation of '88, the Chirac poster of '81. On the other side of the Atlantic, I'm also taking a look at Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American candidate for President of the United States. The year was 1972, 50 years ago.

Visual response

  • A combination of two typefaces: Norwester is used for the logo. But it is above all Obviously that is used on all communications media. This typeface has the advantage of having many variants (from condensed to ultra-wide), making it very flexible and capable of adapting to different media. These fonts are trendy, although inspired by vintage typeface families.
  • The traditional red of the left is accompanied by several colours. Yellow, a symbol of hope. A soft green that can be associated both with freedom and, more obviously, with the candidate's ecological roots. Finally, blue/purple is the colour that almost dominates the identity. Associated with both the feminist and, above all, the progressive movements, purple is also a fairly unique and neglected colour in the French political landscape, allowing the candidate to stand out from the crowd.
  • The decision to be bold. No question of offering aseptic visuals. Made to please everyone. You have to dare to make unexpected political associations, use striking colours and play with impromptu typography. Christiane Taubira's personality must be expressed through the way her battles are represented visually.


In addition to this work, I also produced the entire web design for the campaign site. The site includes both a part for consulting the major campaign promises and a part for getting to know the candidate better, as well as a section for commitments, donations and actions. The site uses the same codes as the visual identity and is designed to be easy to use and understand by everyone, without sacrificing the originality that is the hallmark of the visual identity.


Photographer : Joel Saget / AFP

❋ Freelance project

Art direction by Bastien Giot

with the help of Mélodie Archambault

Head of digital communication of Taubira campaign : Valério Motta


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