Brasserie de Sainte-Mère Eglise

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A new twist on a beer whose key ingredient is History.

More about the project
In a highly competitive world of local beers, the visual universe of each brewery must be unique and up to date. Founded in 2014 in the Cotentin region of France, Brasserie de Sainte-Mère Église is one such local brewery, in keeping with its town's heavy historical past. Since its beginnings, the brewery has drawn its inspiration from visual codes referring to the Second World War and the period of liberation and the 40s and 50s. For example, the various beers currently feature illustrations of the pin-up girls from whom they take their names.

The identity I've come up with draws its inspiration from the graphic codes of the 50s, while adding a touch of modernity, in a friendly tone that appeals to everyone. The brewery's beers are those local beers that we like to share with friends, colleagues or lovers.



The logo features the silhouette of the famous steeple of the church of Sainte-Mère on which John Steele clung during the liberation, depicting a parachute that unfurls following the explosion of a bottle cap, revealing a beer full of flavour and identity. It is accompanied by a trendy typography with retro angles, easily recognisable.

Gone are the pin-up illustrations on the bottles, and now we're adopting a much more distinctive look, while remaining identifiable thanks to the strong typography that gives the brewery its identity. Each beer has its own world of colours that reflect its style.


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